Hey Survivors!

We had some team members out of the office this week, so we have a more condensed update for y’all.


We showcased some menu screens last week which coincidentally could also be sneak peaks. Well, we have one that was forgotten but is well worth being posted.


Life in the apocalypse can be stressful, so why not take some time to unwind and swing some clubs? We have continued with the implementation of RVT decals to bring to life some more areas around the Seebe Dam and Dead Man’s Flats area. The outcome on this golf course speaks for itself. As always Dead Matter is currently a work in progress and there is still some fine tuning to be done (shrubs, trees, bush, etc).

Given the size of this area and how quickly we were able to build it utilizing RVT decals we are satisfied with the progress that is being made by the level design department.


Our character artist has wrapped up the bomber jacket that we showed off last week, coupled with a few additional variations. Clothing for character differentiation and roleplaying is at the forefront of the art team as this will be a key factor for immersion and player recognition. Here are some great variants of the bomber jacker that we showcased last week.


We have a new weapon to showcase as well! This CQB XM8 was built by our artist Stefan for use by [REDACTED] is looking true to life! We couldn’t be happier with the result.


Our team has begun outreach on some of the backer-perks, we’ll be moving from the remaining Boomstick tier backers down the chain towards all of the other backers. Some of the perks that we promised will require some one-on-one correspondence so please make sure you are able to receive emails from for when we work down the chain towards your pledge.

As always, hop into our discord to say hi, check out our social media, and let us know your alive on the official subreddit. Stay safe out there survivors and standby for next weeks update. Same time, same place.