Hey Survivors!

Welcome back to another weekly roundup, we’re keeping the update a little light this week as the team is focusing majority of their attention towards 0.7.0.


First, we look forward to seeing those of you that have reached out about the Calgary international film festival. We will be at the career expo from 12-4pm. We have some exclusive Dead Matter swag to give out to some fans!

Secondly, Thanks to everyone that reached out regarding the Easter egg/joke we put in last weeks update. We apologize that not everyone could have gotten something. Due to the overwhelming support and success… expect more events like that in upcoming updates. Hint hint, 0.7…


You don’t have to be the sharpest tool in the shed to see that our prop artists have made some sharp tools. We have some new props to show off, this time some useful base construction tools. A fine patina was important on these as one would be hard pressed to find a brand-new tool while scavenging homes in the end of days. Even down to the missing grip, a trait that many of dad’s hand-me-downs seam to retain.


We have yet another character outfit to show off, the classic Canadian tuxedo! It smells of chew and diesel exhaust, but boy is it comfortable and stylish. (Poutine stains sold separately)


This first collage is a follow up to the campground we posted in a previous update. Its nearing completion and only now has minor tweaks and changes to add. Our LD lead has really been putting work in on this decimated weekend getaway.

The rest of our level design team has been working on their own respective areas of the map. We have a nice collage of mixed locations throughout the map being worked on. These have a large emphasis on dark interior spaces. Players will likely require flashlights to search them thoroughly. You never know what you might find under a couch or behind a chair.

Fortunately, due to some skilled and helpful survivors, some of the small towns in the bow Valley still have power due to the hydroelectric dam;  at least for now…


Thanks for stopping by yet again, we look forward to seeing some of you at CIFF this weekend. For everyone not in the Calgary area, we still want to hear from you! Hop into our discord and check us out on social media.

Stay safe out there survivors.