Welcome to another Friday update.

We have an update about the Calgary International Film Festival. Thus far even with the new COVID-19 restrictions, the festival is still on track at the moment and while we are optimistic, we are also aware of how dire the pandemic situation currently is in Alberta and that things could be changing very shortly.

With this in mind, our two team members Mike and Victor will still be in attendance and we will be following all of the COVID-19 rules in-place such as social-distancing and mask use.

It should really go without saying but please consider getting vaccinated if you are currently unvaccinated. Not only to protect yourself but everyone else that is around you including your loved ones.


With the above said, check out the awesome mobile home park our designer Julian has put together.  Bonus points for those that can spot the “Easter egg” in this sneak peak. the first 3 survivors to email support identifying the origin of the Easter egg will get a little piece of Dead Matter history sent out to them! A little thank you to those who read these updates! (FULLY CLAIMED, thanks to all who emailed!) While trailer Park’s rarely look glamorous; this one has seen not only the wear of its previous inhabitants and the Canadian seasons but also the erosion of a perished civilization.  


A major part of the Canadian wilds is dense foliage, while we want to be as realistic as possible, unfortunately the reality in Canada is much of the foliage is impassable. From a gameplay perspective this just doesn’t work. We have meet in the middle and filled our forests with underbrush and grasses while still keeping it open enough to facilitate good gameplay mechanics. A tip of the hat to our environmental level designers on this one!


One of our new in-house programmers has been helping to implement the backlog of clothing to the game. We have some snapshots of our the different outfits, while we still need to do a pass on the materials and present these in the Alberta map we wanted to show you guys a quick sneak peak of the different outfits that will be available in 0.7.0. Please note that these outfits are simply the tip of the spear and we will be following up with more updates.


Zooming out we have some amazing map panoramas to show off with the help of our brand-new landscape level of detail system.

Our level design team has put in an extensive amount of work into the new map ensuring its true to life form is as accurate as possible and now we can finally show off some in-game shots of the views you can expect to see in 0.7.0.

Keep in mind the empty spaces are areas that require the fine touch of our level designers to bring content, detail, and story to them.


We’ve got a video demonstrating a quick drive through the Seebe part of our map any of our backers should be able to clearly see that while not perfect, the hitching situation is currently a lot better than 0.6.0.


Because we usually have lots of visually appealing content to unpack.

One again its important to keep in mind that we have a team with diverse skillsets at QI and like any other game studio in the industry it is not feasible for our artists to be working on game stability. This is something that is the focus of our coders (CPU) and level designers (GPU).

While our coders do some amazing work behind the scenes, our artists are continuing to work on some content to further enrich the game experience in ways that do not directly impact the performance of the game.

We see and hear our communities’ comments regarding this topic on our social media and would like to continue to address this point. However, members of our team have grown a little tired of reiterating the same point time and time again. We’re tapping the sign.


Thanks once again for tuning in!

We here at QI hope your fall has been cozy and you are staying healthy. We will be back next week same time and same place for another weekly update. Keep your eyes, ears and spider senses locked!

Remember to stop by and say hi on social media or our Discord.

Until next time, stay safe out there Survivors!