Hey Survivors! Welcome to our first week post 0.7. update!

The teams primary focus this week was hotfix’s and bug squishing. Due to the 3 hotfix’s we pushed, the team had little time to work on other content.  We will be recapping those hotfix’s and talking about the road forward!

Patch notes for the 0.7.0 update are as follows:

HOTFIX 0.7.1

·  Fixed the shooting range not being packaged with the game properly.

·  Re-implement missing settings options (FOV, mouse sensitivity, toggle crouch/aim/lean and more)

·  Fix exposure being overly bright.

·  Remove floating text over the landscape.

·  Fix a randomly occuring crash due to loot spawning.

·  Remove log spam from the utility poles.

HOTFIX 0.7.2

·  Added Chromatic Aberration to Display settings.

·  Fix another loot spawner crash.

·  Fix being forced into third person after dying.

·  Fixed DLSS causing visual artifacts in the Shooting Range.

·  Guns will now spawn correctly in the Shooting Range.

·  You can no longer go out of bounds in the Shooting Range.

·  Fix some broken decals and reflections in the main menu.

·  Zombies will now spawn in Dead Man's Flats.

·  Fixed various collision, level design and furniture issues in Dead Man's Flats.

·  Fixed the gap on the highway between DMF and Exshaw.

·  Fixed lights causing clothing to glow blue.

·  Fix scope reticles being broken.

·  Fix the AK's reload.

·  The Mossberg no longer gives you invalid ammo (using /giveammo)

·  Fix the Lee Enfield's reload.

·  Fixed retro-reflections on clothing (delivery driver, security guard and construction worker).

·  Fix notification volumes blocking bullets (bullets appearing to hit an invisible wall).

·  Added collision to road signs and fixed their retro-reflections.

·  Fixed vehicles rolling away when spawned or parked.

HOTFIX 0.7.3


  • Fixed falling through the ground when loading in or teleporting. The loading screen will be added back in the next patch, for now you'll just have to stare at a frozen screen a little longer.
  • Body-bags now sound like flesh when shooting or stepping on them.
  • Vehicles now play the correct impact sounds (shooting, walking on them).
  • Fixed a crash when reloading the Over/Under shotgun.
  • Fixed a crash when dragging an attachment on a weapon.
  • Fixed a crash when right clicking a weapon (due to invalid attachment data).
  • Fixed a crash when equipping a laser sight on some weapons.
  • Inventory icons should no longer show wrong items/variations of items.
  • You can now rotate items in the inventory.
  • Added vehicles and loot to Dead Man's Flats.
  • Fixed impact sounds on road signs.


  • Rotating a consumable item causes it to disappear.
  • Some doors push the player through the world.
  • Vehicles seem to randomly spawn upside down.
  • Zombies fall through the ground when killed.
  • Falling from a high place forces you into the Docking scene from Interstellar (you spin violently).
  • Running into zombies with a car is like running into a concrete wall.
  • Some toolbelt items do not show up in the toolbelt.
  • Weapons don't spawn enough.
  • Vehicles don't alert zombies.
  • Trying to ADS while sprinting doesn't work.
  • The game will occasionally hitch and teleport all zombies to you.
  • Some keybindings cannot be rebound (i.e. inventory).
  • Wooden Axe animations are broken.
  • Vehicles despawn when you walk away from them.
  • Loot spawners seem to be duplicating loot indefinitely, which is a cause for concern performance wise.


With these notes in mind our team has been hard at work chasing and squishing bugs. We expect to continue to address the known issues in the coming weeks and begin expanding the scope of development once again towards the next update. We plan on releasing more but smaller updates as time continues. We would like to thank our community for their patience as we got 0.7.0 built. We hope to implement multiplayer and bring 0.7.0 out of experimental soon.


Thanks for tuning in! Next week we should be back to our regular scheduled programming of visually tasty content!

Stay safe out there Survivors!